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Florida Love Bugs Aren’t So Lovely

“Lovebug” is usually thought to be a term of endearment from parents to children, but in Florida a lovebug is a small flying insect that drifts through the state twice a year and causes havoc.

The Origin of Lovebugs
The lovebug was first seen in 1911 in Louisiana, although it wasn’t formally described and classified until 1940 by D.E Hardy. It is now known that lovebugs migrated from Central America and flew through Texas and Louisiana before settling in Florida.

About Lovebugs
Lovebugs swarm Florida two times a year in the spring and later summer and, despite being harmless to humans, cause quite a ruckus when they arrive. Mating males first fill the air, where sperm-seeking females join them. They mate along roads and highways because they are attracted to heat and decomposing plant debris. After mating, a male and female lovebug remain connected and entwined, even while flying. They find a place for their eggs and feed on nectar. This is a reason why lawn care in Tampa is so important throughout the year.

Public Nuisance
Most bugs are known as being a public nuisance because they bite or sting, but lovebugs are considered a public problem for a different reason. Since lovebug flights can occur in the hundreds of thousands in just a few weeks, the flying insects look almost like a black snow fall. Since this “snow fall” occurs on the sides of highways, mating lovebugs actually pose a hazard to motorists who find that their windshield views are obstructed by lovebugs. The acidic nature of their body fluid can also damage a car’s paint.

Lovebug Control at Home
Though lovebugs prefer to gather around highways, any Florida home is susceptible to their infiltration, especially on patios and screened porches. Tiki torches, mosquito candles, and inspect spray can all be utilized to discourage the presence of lovebugs, but no system can permanently eliminate them. Talk to your local Tampa pest control center to see what they might be able to do for you!

The Many Identities of Wood

If you are building or updating your home, you are probably familiar with the quandary of picking the right type of wood for your purposes. Pine? Maple? Oak? Each wood has its own pros and cons, and this list will help you understand the basics so you can determine exactly which type of wood belongs in your kitchen cabinets. For more information call your local home remodeling company, like Gloger Construction in Tampa Bay.


This inexpensive and lightweight wood is available with hues of yellow or white and brown knots. It also accepts paint very well, so it’s perfect for kids’ furniture. Others prefer pine for rustic pieces such as farmhouse tables and country cabinets. Pine even resists shrinking and swelling with time, but since it’s a soft wood it does scratch and dent easily.


Maple is a chameleon wood because it can be successfully stained to match more expensive woods like cherry or mahogany. As a bare hardwood it is creamy white, possibly with hues of red. Since maple is so hard and durable, it’s a favorite pick for kitchen cabinets and dressers. Even after years of hard use, maple still looks new! It just has to be sealed properly before being stained, or else the result will look blotchy.


Cherry is a furniture favorite because it is a hardwood that offers fine, straight grains. It can range in color from blond to reddish brown. On the plus side, cherry looks beautiful and rich even without stain, and it polishes and shapes well. However, it’s definitely pricier than other woods and is known to darken with age.


Walnut is a favorite pick for headboards, sophisticated dining room tables, and mantels because it is a straight-grained hardwood with rich color. Since it is stable and very strong, walnut can handle intricate carving. It is, however, a more expensive wood.


Oak is a well-loved and durable hardwood that is naturally grainy. It ranges from red oak to white oak and offers a distinctive look that many people love. Oak is naturally durable and looks great with a clear finish, but stain is not recommended since it can overly-exaggerate the grain.  

You certainly have your choices of wood, but there’s an option for every room in your house!

Plan for Security Lighting

Outdoor lighting is an important element of any home or business looking to add a dimension of appeal and beauty. However, lighting can also serve as an extra component of security if designed and installed properly. Overall, Tampa security lighting needs to allow physical detection of intruders, minimize potential hiding spots, and improve your sense of safety.

The Main Six

Security LightingEvery home or business should keep six main outdoor spaces lit in order to minimize safety threats. First, any driveway, parking areas, and street-side property needs to be lit with luminaries that are subtle yet effective. Motion monitoring floodlights belong in pool areas, decks, entryways, corners, backyards, and garages as well to alert you to any unwanted or unexpected visitors.

In addition, mounted luminaries around all doors to your home or business will ensure no one can enter without being identified. By also illuminating landscaping like trees, flower beds, and trails, you can eliminate any hiding spots on the property. Lastly, motion sensor recessed lighting on pathways, doors, and backyards can boost security even further.

Choose LED

If you don’t want your electric bill to dip into the four digit mark, utilize LED lighting Tampa bulbs in all of your security lights. LEDs are incredibly efficient and work well to illuminate a specific area or dark spot. Low-pressure sodium (LPS) lights work similarly but are better for large areas where you need light that sweeps further.

Stock up on Accessories

Items like dimmers and timers help you personalize all of your outdoor security lights so you don’t need to keep the lights on all night long. Timers are especially valuable because you can continue to keep your home lit while you are away on vacation. One of the best ways to discourage an intruder is to ensure your home appears occupied at all times.

Hire a Professional Company

Creating an entire Tampa outdoor lighting security system is a complex task. Many professional lighting companies can complete the entire process from start to finish and return for maintenance every few months. If you are ready to invest the money in a lighting system, rely on a group of experts to do it perfectly for you.


The History of Plumbing You Never Knew

Indoor plumbing is an incredible feat of engineering that we take largely for granted today. Since none of us suffered through the days of carrying water from the river or using a chamber pot, turning on the faucet and enjoying warm flowing water now just seems like a fact of life.

But there’s quite a background to plumbing in New Port Richey that you may not know about, facts that might help you appreciate that flushing toilet a bit more.

The History of Plumbing You Never Knew

Ancient Roots

The first plumbing concepts actually arrived thousands of years ago, between 4,000 BC and 3,000 BC. Civilizations in the Indus River Valley, in India, used copper water pipes to transport water. Egyptians followed their lead and developed copper pipes that were used in the elaborate bathrooms inside the pyramids, as well as in a very complex irrigation and sewage system.

The ancient Romans also followed suite and built some of the most advanced ancient plumbing systems known to date. Their pipes were arranged into underground sewer systems, public and private baths, and more.  They were the first to use lead pipes, though at the time it was not known that lead causes severe health problems. It was a huge improvement in sanitary conditions for their cities.

These ancient accomplishments were very impressive and largely forgotten until the 18th century.

The Middle Ages

The progress of ancient civilizations long forgotten, waste ran freely in the streets in large cities for a long time. The condition of sewage treatment was essentially non-existent. It wasn’t until the 17th century that some castles began to use privies, although the waste was still dumped into the surrounding moats, which hardly fixed the problem.

The Modern Area of Plumbing Begins

Finally, near the end of the 18th century, the first flushing toilet was invented. In 1830, New York installed the first public water main underground in order to provide firefighters with a more immediate water supply. Slowly but surely, drainage pipes were installed in buildings to dispose of waste away from buildings. Water heaters, outdoor toilets, and sewage laws all came in quick succession.

20th century technology advancements solidified the plumbing system that we have come to know and love today. 

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Importance Of Your Old Kitchen Remodeling

The kitchen is among the main, popular and active areas inside your home. So that it’s the center of the home. Understanding how to plan, layout and budget your kitchen is among the main things to help make the kitchen a lovely and suitable location. We are able to renovate your kitchen as well as work by means of your budget.

One other significant point would be to allow an area in your kitchen that’s practical, comfortable, and amazing in once. A kitchen is a women’s realm. As you spend a significant portion of your time and effort in cooking wholesome nutritious meals, it’s important to maintain your kitchen clean and hygienic.

The kitchen needs to be designed such that it consistently provides a new view. This significantly depends on sensible and effective kitchen design and building.
Kitchen remodeling includes a long procedure for designing the cabinets, counter tops, light, appliances and layout. For those who have a smaller spot you can find smaller appliances to supply your spot more space also to give you more room for kitchen cupboard remodeling.

Of all components in a kitchen, nothing changes its overall appearance more compared to cupboards, in part since they often use up more space than everything else come up with. Unsurprisingly, new cupboards also eat up a significant portion of an average budget. Nevertheless, you do not always need to replace your cupboards only to get a distinct door style or finish, thanks to options such as refinishing and refacing. The problem is just which option works best for you personally.


Refinishing ‘ greatest for wedging a couple more years out of structurally sound cupboards. Choices vary from straightforward paints and stains to more complex glazing and intricate wood-grained and marbleized faux finishes. Here is the most budget friendly alternative. Refinishing is laborious and dirty. Units coated with lead paint need professional and added precautions, that may leave the kitchen off limits to get a long expanse and foster labour price. Due to the method ‘s unpredictable nature, professionals seldom offer guarantees.

Refacing ‘ greatest for giving exhausted but otherwise plumb, square, and tough cupboards a long-lasting raise or for matching them to new countertops. The entire procedure is over and done in several days but isn’t recommended for alloy cupboard or flimsy or sagging once, or if you intend to go the units. The prices creep up, additionally, particularly when you choose to set up additional fitting cupboards or update old drawer hardware with things like total extension, and side mounted tracks.

Replacing ‘ greatest for kitchen with neglecting cupboards or remodels where important layout changes are scheduled. Almost limitless design, stuff, and complete choices but there possible for limitless price, also. Cupboards must be purchased 4-6 weeks before demolition.

Brilliant Bathroom Remodeling Design Ideas

Bathroom remodeling could be catchy, but it’s among the very oft used rooms in the home, so being comfy there’s essential. Toilet relaxation is focused on the style, but before you begin calling any remodeling contractors, you will need to possess some idea about that which you would like your new toilet to seem like. That’s the reason we will discuss with you seven strategies for bathroom remodel for the home that can make your toilet among your favorite rooms in the home.


Make it feel just like an actual room

A lot of people believe that because their bathroom contains a sink as well as a toilet as opposed to a seat as well as a table that its layout must dramatically change from that which you’d anticipate in a different room. Nevertheless, your toilet’s layout cal seem truly fantastic without radically changing in style in the remains of your property, so do not hesitate to choose a couple of your favourite living room layout components and add the people to your plans for toilet remodel of your home.

Be sure your toilet fits the general motif remainder of the home’s layout

We’re not saying you need to design your toilet in a manner that clones your kitchen, but you ought to not wander too far from the general subject of the home’s fashion either. For example , in case your toilet looks like something out of The Jetsons, while the remainder of your house seems such as the interior of a log cabin, afterward it’s going to be jarring to the senses each single time you enter the toilet.

Luxurious Bathroom


Ensure that it stays proportional

We all know how simple it’s to fall in love having an attractive fixture which you come across (especially if it’s on sale) when it’s all about time to begin toilet remodeling for the house. Still, it will not matter how amazing that Jacuzzi tub appears on its own if it takes up nearly all the space in the toilet. Do yourself a favor and ensure that there’s at least enough room for the sink, toilet, tub/shower (where appropriate) and you. Otherwise your toilet will lack functionality and fashion.

This can be a particularly great layout for smaller toilets. By placing the sink in a corner, you might be making a lot of space for the other fixtures.

Make your vanity mirror stand out–actually

With your vanity mirror floating several inches from the wall you’re both creating space and enabling that great toilet backsplash to get noticed.
There are a number of vanity mirror magic tricks that will improve the beauty and utility toilet remodel of your house without losing anything. One other fantastic vanity mirror magic trick that will add both utility and style to your own toilet is an exceedingly broad vanity mirror. A vanity mirror that stretches well past the original boundaries of the toilet sink adds a huge number of square inches for your cupboard space plus it only seems plain cool.

This really is just another wonderful appearing toilet design component that’s essential for those that would like to get the most from their toilet’s accessible space.

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