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Plan for Security Lighting

Outdoor lighting is an important element of any home or business looking to add a dimension of appeal and beauty. However, lighting can also serve as an extra component of security if designed and installed properly. Overall, Tampa security lighting needs to allow physical detection of intruders, minimize potential hiding spots, and improve your sense of safety.

The Main Six

Security LightingEvery home or business should keep six main outdoor spaces lit in order to minimize safety threats. First, any driveway, parking areas, and street-side property needs to be lit with luminaries that are subtle yet effective. Motion monitoring floodlights belong in pool areas, decks, entryways, corners, backyards, and garages as well to alert you to any unwanted or unexpected visitors.

In addition, mounted luminaries around all doors to your home or business will ensure no one can enter without being identified. By also illuminating landscaping like trees, flower beds, and trails, you can eliminate any hiding spots on the property. Lastly, motion sensor recessed lighting on pathways, doors, and backyards can boost security even further.

Choose LED

If you don’t want your electric bill to dip into the four digit mark, utilize LED lighting Tampa bulbs in all of your security lights. LEDs are incredibly efficient and work well to illuminate a specific area or dark spot. Low-pressure sodium (LPS) lights work similarly but are better for large areas where you need light that sweeps further.

Stock up on Accessories

Items like dimmers and timers help you personalize all of your outdoor security lights so you don’t need to keep the lights on all night long. Timers are especially valuable because you can continue to keep your home lit while you are away on vacation. One of the best ways to discourage an intruder is to ensure your home appears occupied at all times.

Hire a Professional Company

Creating an entire Tampa outdoor lighting security system is a complex task. Many professional lighting companies can complete the entire process from start to finish and return for maintenance every few months. If you are ready to invest the money in a lighting system, rely on a group of experts to do it perfectly for you.


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