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The Many Identities of Wood

If you are building or updating your home, you are probably familiar with the quandary of picking the right type of wood for your purposes. Pine? Maple? Oak? Each wood has its own pros and cons, and this list will help you understand the basics so you can determine exactly which type of wood belongs in your kitchen cabinets. For more information call your local home remodeling company, like Gloger Construction in Tampa Bay.


This inexpensive and lightweight wood is available with hues of yellow or white and brown knots. It also accepts paint very well, so it’s perfect for kids’ furniture. Others prefer pine for rustic pieces such as farmhouse tables and country cabinets. Pine even resists shrinking and swelling with time, but since it’s a soft wood it does scratch and dent easily.


Maple is a chameleon wood because it can be successfully stained to match more expensive woods like cherry or mahogany. As a bare hardwood it is creamy white, possibly with hues of red. Since maple is so hard and durable, it’s a favorite pick for kitchen cabinets and dressers. Even after years of hard use, maple still looks new! It just has to be sealed properly before being stained, or else the result will look blotchy.


Cherry is a furniture favorite because it is a hardwood that offers fine, straight grains. It can range in color from blond to reddish brown. On the plus side, cherry looks beautiful and rich even without stain, and it polishes and shapes well. However, it’s definitely pricier than other woods and is known to darken with age.


Walnut is a favorite pick for headboards, sophisticated dining room tables, and mantels because it is a straight-grained hardwood with rich color. Since it is stable and very strong, walnut can handle intricate carving. It is, however, a more expensive wood.


Oak is a well-loved and durable hardwood that is naturally grainy. It ranges from red oak to white oak and offers a distinctive look that many people love. Oak is naturally durable and looks great with a clear finish, but stain is not recommended since it can overly-exaggerate the grain.  

You certainly have your choices of wood, but there’s an option for every room in your house!

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